“The process of stepping through an EIR is tough, especially when the language used is so foreign. In our case, Urban Planning Partners was not working directly for us, but was hired by the City of Berkeley. We were not in a position to make decisions or direct efforts, which from a private business perspective, made the process that much more filled with anxiety. This is where Urban Planning Partners served the City of Berkeley so well. I think they were able to keep the appropriate distance from us so as to ensure the integrity and independence of their report, and yet, stay in regular contact helping us understand each step of the process and why certain decisions where being made and put these foreign concepts into proper context.”

- David Rumberg, Sports Basement, Partner


“The Town of Truckee selected Lynette and her firm to work on Truckee’s Railyard Master Plan and EIR due to their expertise and strategic approach. Where others were looking solely to put their name on a finished plan, they offered to work cooperatively with the Town through a communicative process. This approach has proved to be invaluable and has led to significant trust by the Town Council, Planning Commission, and community-at-large. They were committed to good design and planning, worked well with deadlines, and exceeded the Town’s expectations.”

- Denyelle Nishimori, Town of Truckee


“The City of Foster City has a long history of working with Lynette and Urban Planning Partners staff on large scale, master planned land development projects. Lynette and other key members of Urban Planning Partners staff have provided basic permit processing services to augment City staff and have prepared environmental documents for large scale high-tech projects as well as high rise residential/retail mixed use developments. The work they have produced has been well received by the City and has stood the test of close public scrutiny. Just as important, the City Planning Commission has been very pleased with the work they have produced and has appreciated the thorough manner in which information has been prepared for and presented to the Commission. They bring to their work a solid technical planning background and an understanding of the economic, political, and social issues that swirl around and influence the city planning process.”

- Richard B. Marks, City of Foster City, Community Development Director


“Staff from Urban Planning Partners was a critical factor in the success of the Agency’s $24M Proposition 1C grant award. They were with us every step of the way and the compliments received by the State’s grant review team on the quality of the application say it all.”

- Bob Staedler, City of San Jose Revelopment Agency


“I have really enjoyed working with Urban Planning Partners on the MacArthur Transit Village EIR. Lynette and her staff are incredibly trustworthy and they have gone above and beyond to coordinate review of the MacArthur EIR with both the City and BART. They are committed to quality and their work is impeccable. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

- Kathy Kleinbaum, City of Oakland, Redevelopment Project Manager


“It was a pleasure to work with Lynette and her staff on the MacArthur Transit Village EIR and project approvals. This was a high profile project with many stakeholders and sensitive issues. They were on top of all the issues with thoughtful, creative approaches and a solution-oriented attitude. The MacArthur Transit Village EIR was well-written, understandable, and provided a clear understanding of the project’s potential impacts. Because of their efforts, we were able to obtain certification of the EIR without any unforeseen issues arising or major opposition. They are top quality professionals, know the issues, and are thoughtful and diligent in working through solutions. They are hard working, they meet their commitments, and are effective. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

- Maria Pracher, Partner, Sheppard Mulin Richter & Hampton


“Working with Lynette and her staff on the MacArthur Transit Village Project EIR and Contract Planning has been remarkable. Their ability to facilitate project review and processing within our complex structure of development partners exceeded my expectations. Plus they were on schedule and within budget!”

- Joseph McCarthy, Project Manager, Macarthur Transit Community Partners


“I just want to thank Lynette and her team for the wonderful work they did to complete the San Francisco Overlook Development EIR. Picking up things in the middle of a project is never easy, but we are extremely pleased with their work product, schedules, and meeting their delivery commitments.”

- Gary Testa, Managing Partner/Owner, San Francisco Overlook, LLC